At KidzActive we love working with Primary schools to enhance there PE programmes, support them with PPA cover and provide them with fun engaging activities at lunch times.


PE/PPA cover

We will supply your school with one of our amazing coaches that will follow a tailor made PE program that will give your students every opportunity to succeed in PE but above all enjoy there PE!

We also support schools with swimming, at kidzactive we understand that sometimes having a male teacher available isn’t always possible so we will join your school swimming lessons as an extra staff member. We also can get in the water to and support any children that may need it.


The daily mile

As a part of our lunch clubs we support schools by delivering the daily mile, we will get the kids excited to participate everyday and again above all enjoying the run.


Lunch clubs

Lunch times can sometimes be a headache for schools but not anymore. Our lunch clubs are tailored to the schools needs we generally will come in at the start of lunch, support the hall staff and then provide a fun activity for all children to participate in, this can be ran as a drop in and out session, booked or children selected by the school as a treat. Some activities we can provide

  • Multi sports
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Running club
  • Basketball
  • Boxercise
  • Bikes and scooter club